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About Us


PROCORP has been the trusted leader in providing complete pipelines and network solutions. Procorp is supported by a team of engineers and technicians equipped with 25 years of experience in this field pertaining to operations, supplies and services.

What does PROCORP do?

We offer safe, smart, and reliable pipeline services and solutions. Our team comprises of highly skilled, trained, experienced technicians who are adept at making the best use of their knowledge and expertise in handling the most demanding jobs safely and competently. We derive our strength from latest equipment, professionally trained manpower, experienced engineers and support of various international champions.

Our wide range of solutions address a range of needs, from supplying various piping fittings & accessories, complete pipelines CCTV inspection, full range of pipeline repair, modification & rehabilitation services for offshore or onshore pipelines, pressure & gravity pipelines installation, jointing & testing, pipelines engineering & design service, sales and rental of heavy equipment.

We have developed an exclusive Job Qualification Program through which the technicians are rigorously trained before being deployed to the project site.

What is PROCORP’s Vision & Mission?

  • Build on our reputation as a leading pipelines & networks solutions
  • Employ, develop, train and retain the very best team
  • Maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationships
  • Promote and maintain the highest possible standards in health & safety management
  • Respect the environment and the communities in which we live and work
  • Provide the highest level of service at fair and market-competitive prices
  • Continue to be innovative, to embrace change and to use modern technology
  • Develop long term client relationships and understand their needs

PROCORP aims to continue to develop and improve as a piping specialized contractor & supplier, pipeline rehabilitation expert, respected for our high standard of service and quality workmanship, by:

  • Delivering constructed work on time, without defects
  • Maintaining a culture of excellence in health, safety and welfare
  • Demonstrating a care for the environment in which we operate
  • Recognizing and satisfying our clients’ needs, thereby securing repeat business