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Pipeline Inspection and Rehabilitation

We offer extensive investigative services to assess pipeline conditions by making you aware of every inch and angle of your pipeline. This facilitates insights for ongoing projects, and it further furnishes inspection records.

Our inspection service offers a large scope of pipeline inspection through advanced selection of CCTV cameras providing a form of tele-presence through which our clients get the clearest picture and understanding of their pipeline condition and its health. Our thorough CCTV inspections provide the accurate, reliable data that facilitates the ideal timing and methods for reparation and upkeep of the pipeline infrastructure.

Our well-organized trenchless repair services ensure restoration of pipes to full integrity — without the interruptions and latent risks that are involved in traditional repair methods. Our ‘no dig’ rehabilitation system helps in handling line repairs safely by eliminating the need to dig long trenches to access and replace old or damaged pipes.

Our pipeline inspection and rehabilitation services include:

Engineering, Contracting and Maintenance

Procorp’s engineering, contracting and maintenance services apply advanced technology and contemporary knowledge to develop and enhance the pipeline projects. The wide range of methodological disciplines makes us the ideal partner for bringing about engineering assignments. Our principle is dedication to excellence and innovation. Our maintenance division carries our meticulous process of turnarounds and planned shutdowns in order to appropriately roll out inspection requirements and repair works. Our adaptable project-management structure enables us to provide solutions effectively and efficiently as per the goals of the project.

The division is specialized in:

Trading and Supply

Procorp comprehends that the establishment of pipeline infrastructure is as imperative as every other infrastructure project. Pipeline projects can be intricate, and no two projects are the same.  Our trading and supply divisions offers you all the right assets to set up the pipeline as per the needs of your project.

We recognize that pipe systems are different for commercial and municipal sectors. That is why we offer the largest scope of supplies to address the diverse needs of the project. From dismantling joints and fasteners to fillers and expansion joints, our wide range of supplies ensure that your projects are completed on timely and efficient manner.

When you need pipeline project supplies, you can count on Procorp to help you achieve your goals by receiving:

Consultancy & Contracts Management

Projects can face challenges at any step of the process. PROCORP has expertise and vast experience in contract management and administration. Our team of experts can assist in identifying difficulties and overcome them to minimize impacts. The service management entails meticulous execution pertaining to claim management, dispute resolution, litigation and arbitration. Procorp is uniquely positioned with its contract management services to support you with every need of your contract management based on the requirements of the project.

Our contract management team is ready to support you from the initial stages of your dispute with all your contract management needs starting with the verification/ evaluation of all project documents and preparing/ organizing the files, translations and documents, litigation and courts procedures.

PROCORP is proficient in claim and counter claim preparation and management as well as the resolution of disputes.

Heavy Equipment Rental

Procorp is one of the most prominent organizations providing heavy engineering equipment on rent.

We are dedicated to offering a myriad class of machineries for a variety of applications across different sectors. From the economic viewpoint, renting heavy equipment makes it appropriate to carryout projects as it saves the cost of purchasing new equipment.

We supply equipment to various industries, such as construction, civil work, and mechanical engineering, and so forth. No matter whatever heavy equipment you are looking for, our team will help you every step of the way to get the right equipment in order to meet your project goals. Although the key application of these equipment entails moving earth, their application also extends to other activities like drilling, grading, and paving, among others.

With a wide collection of heavy rental equipment listed here, our team of professionals have got you covered to accomplish your industrial assignments effectively and efficiently.

We offer: